Hardscape Materials

Serenescapes uses a variety of hardscape materials – natural rocks, bricks, pavers, stones and concrete variations are some of the foundation materials for a diversified landscape design. The use of their naturally durable elements provides versatility, contrast and stability for a garden.


Concrete is one of the most common patio surfaces and also one of the most durable. Decorative concrete patios can be stained, stamped and etched. It is a durable surface that requires little attention or maintenance.


Driveway done with paver stones
Driveway  with pavers in the classical ‘Herringbone’ design and complemented with a soldier course

Pavers are a brick-like concrete product that is available in many styles, colors, and patterns. It has a clean look that can add formality or functionalism to your garden. Pavers offer a very durable and low maintenance surface for patios, walkways and driveways. Pavers also give you the option of ‘Going Green’ with their newest product permeable pavers. This is a great option when covering a large space with pavers, causes (run-off) concerns.


Flagstone examples
Examples of different types of Flagstone

Flagstone is the general term for the natural stone used in walkways and patios. Pennsylvania Bluestone and Montana Slate are commonly used types of flagstone. The flagstone available locally is in fact quarried all over the world. It gives your patio a natural or rustic feel. Flagstone comes in broken and dimensional shapes. Flagstone is generally set in sand or stone dust, and is usually easier to move and re-use if needed. Ground cover can be nestled between the edges of the stone to create an appealing natural look.

Natural stone or Fieldstone

Natural stone wall
Natural stone wall

Natural stone or Fieldstone comes in many sizes and colors. The hues tend to be greyish, but sometimes they can carry a more purplish tint. This is one of Serenescapes favorites as far as natural beauty is concerned. This stone can be used in walls or walkways, and is most usually the foundation for a great water feature.

Which hardscape materials should you use?

Pressure treated timber and gravel stairs
Pressure treated timber and gravel stairs

With so many different choices it can be difficult to decide between one or the other. Our designers can offer many suggestions as to which hardscape products will work best for a given area. Once you have chosen the ideal hardscape design and materials for the installation at your home, we will sit down and go over the construction process with you. We will consult with you to find out the best place for delivery, staging, and storage of materials. Estimated completion date, and any other concerns will also be addressed at this time. Serenescapes wants your Hardscape to be an inspiration for all. Before finishing the project we will go over any maintenance procedures necessary for the proper upkeep of the materials installed. We will give advice as to which cleaning products are safe for the hardscape materials as well as the surrounding plants and animals.


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